Oil spill remediation

Saguaro has developed a natural eco friendly technology to quickly clean all surface oil sipills.

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We take the sour out of sour gas and turn it into a salable product at or far below the wellhead.

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Our stack filters remove over 97% of the airborne contaminants from all coal plants regardless of size.

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environmental remediation
business in the oil and gas industry

Saguaro is the first company to use natural biodegradable processes to quickly clean up oil spills in fresh and salt water and land accidents as well.

It has pioneered the use of extended life washable air filters for coal power plants along with vacuum particulate filtering.


The 14th Asian Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Engineering Exhibition
Saguaro is planning to attend the event to showcase its new eco friendly technology for large scale implementation.  Continue Reading

recent events

  • 16/01/2013
    Exploration & Development Saguaro Oil and Gas Remediation is spun off from Saguaro Holdings to a private group along with a royalty contract..
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  • 22/01/2013
    Drilling & ProductionSaguaro new management integrates and adds technology to the company and prepares to enter oil and gas market on multiple fronts.
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